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Learn more about the unique history of Crawfish City’s favorite crustacean


Welcome to the Crawfish City, LA Information Center. Visitors from all over the country gather here to enjoy our unique laissez-faire culture and experience our fine cuisine. Crawfish City is the perfect place to learn about Louisiana’s rich seafood heritage and taste Crawfish and other fine seafood prepared in its traditional delectable fashion. 

Crawfish Season

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From late February to early June, one of Crawfish City’s most beloved seafood’s is in season, and abundant. Our crawfish boil is a grand tradition that holds a special place in our hearts. Along with friends and family we gather around newspaper-covered tables, peeling and eating and enjoying each others company. However, the crawfish boil wasn’t always as popular as it is today, eating crawfish in Louisiana dates all the way back to pre-colonial times.

The Acadians

acadians and the story of crawfish at crawfish city louisiana. the best crawfish in louisiana

The Acadians, ancestors of the Cajuns, arrived in Louisiana circa 1755. Hailing from Canada where seafood had already been a major part of their diet. Upon arriving in Louisiana, the Acadians settled along the bayous, where crawfish were abundant in the slower moving water. Because Acadians were familiar with lobster and similar fishing experiences this led to the introduction of crawfish into the Acadian diet. Then, as the Acadians became the Cajuns, the tradition of eating crawfish continued, leading to the common methods of eating them today.

Modern Day

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Crawfish are part of Louisiana’s history. The Houma Indian tribes used the crawfish as its moniker for centuries. In the 1800s, Cajun settlers modified lobster recipes passed down from their coastal Canadian forefathers, substituting them with crawfish. Creole restaurateurs in New Orleans caught on, and once it took off in the Big Easy, the secret was out and Crawfish became synonymous with Louisiana cooking. Today, Louisiana leads the nation in crawfish production and Crawfish City, Louisiana is the place to taste the best.


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